Recently an UK based airline, asked Ciconia to perform an independent verification of their fleet for Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA)/Ramp Inspection compliance. During a few days an experienced Ciconia inspector/instructor worked with senior staff of the airline.

The services we provided to the airline were:

  • Instruct the airline staff on the 2019 changes of the EU Ramp Inspection programme which will have an impact on the airline operation;
  • Act as subject matter expert in various Questions  & Answer sessions with the airline licensed staff;
  • Several aircraft of the airline’s fleet were inspected for compliance with ICAO (SAFA) and EU/EASA Standards (SACA);
  • Review and advice on SAFA findings previously reported to the airline;
  • Advice on the corrective and preventive actions carried out by the airline.

The SAFA compliance fleet review has been appreciated by the airline as it contributes to the prevention of future SAFA/Ramp Inspection findings and it supports the airline’s goal to maintain a low SAFA/Ramp Inspection ratio.