Helicopters – Inspection and oversight

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Course content

The objective of the 3 days training course is to share with the participants the specifics of a helicopter compared to an aircraft and how rotary wing operations differs from fixed wing operations. This expertise is input for a practical training on how to perform a Ramp Inspection/Product audit on a helicopter.

The offering consists of 2 parts:

  • 2.0 days: classroom theoretical training and visit to single-engined helicopter operator
  • 1.0 day: practical review on helicopters in a maintenance/CAMO facility

Course elements

  • Basic helicopter aerodynamics
  • Main helicopter components
  • Overview of different models and manufacturer’s philosophy
  • Regulations structure for helicopters
    • ICAO Annex 6 Part III
    • EU helicopter regulations (CR No 965/2012)
    • Specific (H) regulations
  • Specific mission equipment
    • Off-shore
    • HEMS
    • Passengers
    • Aerial work
  • Visit to nearby single-engine helicopter operator
  • Helicopter operations according to CR No 965/2012; OM Part A and B
    • Operational limitations
    • Emergency procedures
    • Normal procedures
    • Performance
    • Mass and balance
    • Loading instructions
    • Preflight and inflight planning
    • Fuel needed
    • Configuration deviation list
    • Minimum equipment list
    • Survival and emergency equipment
    • Oxygen
    • Emergency evacuation
  • On-board documentation according to EU 965/2012
    • HTL (Helicopter Technical/Journey Logbook)
    • Damage chart
    • Maintenance Programme
    • Modifications
  • Overview of helicopter safety issues
  • Practical review at AMO/CAMO facility
    • Inspection techniques
    • Real damages demonstration (if any available)
    • Documentation process by CAMO

Course delivery

The course is delivered by an instructor (Mr. Emanuele Ghiroldi) with extensive helicopter experience. His expertise is related to quality systems, CAMO and AMO management for helicopters.

Target audience

This course is designed primarily for NAA staff engaged in ramp inspections or oversight of helicopter operation.


Time: 3.0 days
Course fee: € 1650.- excl. VAT (21%).

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