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Course content

The objective is to present the practical aspects of performing Ramp Inspections. This is demonstrated on an aircraft in a simulated environment: an aircraft in a hangar.

This course is included in the RI Initial Theoretical & Practical training. It can also be booked in combination with RI recurrent training.

The practical training will demonstrate how to perform the inspection:

  • in the flight Deck (checklist A-items)
  • in the cabin (checklist B-items)
  • of the apparent visual technical condition of the aircraft (checklist C-items)
  • related to cargo carried and the cargo compartment (checklist D-items)

Course objective

To explain all aspects of the EC Ramp Inspection program to those who are or will soon be actively involved in this program.

Course benefits

Confidence to manage or execute SAFA and/or SACA ramp checks.

Target audience

National Aviation Authority (NAA) Inspectors eligible to become Ramp Inspectors and NAA managers engaged in program management or supervision of a team of Ramp Inspectors.


A good understanding of airworthiness and/or aircraft operations. Familiarity with the methodology of aircraft inspections.


Time: 0.5 days
Course fee: € 550.- excl. VAT (21%)

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