Ramp Inspection Awareness for airlines

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Course content

The overall objective of the training course is to present to the airline industry (airlines, airports, association of airlines, safety oversight aviation authorities) the EC Ramp Inspection Program (SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) and SACA (Safety Assessment of Community Aircraft)), as well as the EC Safety List process (so-called “blacklist”) identifying the potential implications for the airline industry.
Particular emphasis is placed upon: key actors, methodology of inspection data analysis, working methods, regulatory framework, lines of communication and right of defense. To this end, the training course shall:

  • Present the background and overall objectives of the EC Ramp Inspection program;
  • Present the background and overall objectives of the EC Community List process;
  • Present the regulatory and legal framework of aforementioned programs;
  • Identification of major actors and stakeholders;
  • Working methods and lines of communication;
  • Applicable ICAO and EU/EASA standards and the method of checking compliance through Ramp Checks;
  • Airline measures to fulfill RI obligations;
  • SAFA/SACA data analysis methodology;
  • Interfaces between Operator, State of Operator, State of Inspection, EC and EASA.

Course objective

Provide a detailed insight into the workings of the EC Ramp Inspection Program and the EC Safety list processes.

Course benefits

A thorough understanding and insight into the way Ramp Inspections are performed in Europe and the way the EC Safety List (blacklist) is established and updated. This will enable participants to determine the potential impact for an airline or a State, as well as potential course of action.

Target audience

This course is beneficial for

  • General managers of National Aviation Authorities/Ministries of Transport;
  • General management of aircraft leasing companies;
  • Regulators;
  • Airport Authority staff;
  • Flight crew;
  • Airline Operations Department staff;
  • Airline Quality Assurance staff;
  • Associations of airlines.


A basic understanding of the Ramp Inspection program would be advantageous. However, during the training course all SAFA, SACA & blacklist elements will be addressed in detail.


Time: 1 day
Course fee: € 950.- excl. VAT (21%)

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