RI recurrent

open2.0 days18 - 19 March 2024Schiphol, NLInquire Now!
open2.0 days20 - 21 June 2024Schiphol, NLInquire Now!
open2.0 days16 - 17 Sept. 2024Rome, ItalyInquire Now!
open2.0 days11 - 12 November 2024Schiphol, NLInquire Now!

Course content

The objective is to present recent developments in the EC Ramp Inspection (RI) program with the aim of reaching a common standard of Ramp Inspection. Areas covered include; the latest program developments, program coordination, legislation, regulation, procedures and data analysis. The training course will:

  • Summarize the historical background of the ECAC and EC Ramp Inspection (SAFA & SACA) program
  • Explain changes to the legal and regulatory framework of the EC RI program
  • Present the legal and regulatory framework of the EC Safety List process (so-called “blacklist”)
  • Present an update of the stakeholders in the EC RI program (e.g. EC, EASA, EASA States, ECAC States, partnering States, Eurocontrol)

Define information flows and methods of information exchange among stakeholders; this includes an overview of upcoming developments and data analysis methodology contained in the SAFA centralized database.

Course objective

Bring the latest developments of the EC Ramp Inspection program to managers and inspectors who are actively involved in the EC RI program.

Course benefits

Obtain knowledge of recent developments in the program, and upcoming changes; ability to determine potential impact on the daily inspection routine; remain qualified as RI inspector, and obtain an understanding of what is required when implementing EC or EASA initiatives.

Target audience

Authority inspectors actively engaged in the execution of Ramp Inspections and NAA managers responsible for managing the program and its inspectors.


Experience in the management or execution of Ramp Inspections; a detailed understanding of the EC RI program including the inspection methodology and scope of the inspection.


Time: 2.0 days

Course fee: € 1650.- excl. VAT (21%).

Regulatory Consultancy and Training