Introduction Flight OPS for RI staff

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Course content

This 2-day course gives participants insight into the flight preparation activities pilots typically carry out during turnaround. The first 1.5 days are in a classroom environment. In the afternoon of the 2nd day, 30-minute role play exercises are held in a flight simulator with an experienced pilot in the captain’s seat. This provides a unique opportunity for the inspectors to further improve their crew interaction skills as well as to bring the knowledge gained in the classroom into practice.

In addition, one module is dedicated to the AOC and the airline organization, thus enabling the trainee to understand the role of the pilots, and in particular that of the pilot-in-command, within the broader context of the airline’s operational control.

Course objective

This training gives Ramp Inspection (SAFA & SACA) inspectors insight into those operational aspects of flight preparation that can be overseen in the time that an aircraft is on the ground during a stopover between flights, i.e. when the flight crew is present. Although the flight preparation process is an operator and flight crew responsibility, the Ramp Inspector, in his supervisory role, should be able to judge whether the process is performed correctly. This training course will provide the participants with the right monitoring tools to make such a judgment.

Course elements

Classroom presentation on the following Flight Operations subjects, with emphasis on practical samples, and using the EASA Inspections Instructions (Ref. INST.RI.01/003 dated 20/03/2019) (or Doc 8335) checklist as basis:

  • AOC and operator organization;
  • Flight Planning – OFP, weather, performance, navigation;
  • Operationally required instruments and equipment;
  • ATL and MEL;
  • Mass and balance / Load Control.

Workshop – role play exercises in a cockpit environment (flight simulator) in which a typical flight preparation setting is staged. Participants will be split into teams of two inspectors each, who will interact with two pilots for 30 minutes.

Exercises – participants will complete personal exercises to improve their understanding of the topics.

Course benefits

Participants who have attended this training course will be able to inspect with sound expertise and knowledge and a good level of confidence, those items of the Ramp Inspection checklist that are related to Flight Operations.


The training (classroom and simulator) is offered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The training can also be offered at the customer location.

Target audience

Experienced Ramp Inspectors who will inspect A-items (cockpit) of the Ramp Inspections checklist.


The participants should be qualified Ramp Inspectors who have attended the Ramp Inspection Initial Theoretical & Practical Training Course.


Time:  2.0 days, of which 0.5 day workshop and exercises –

Course fee: € 1850.- excl. VAT (21%).

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