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Ramp Inspections

Ciconia is widely recognized as an expert in Ramp Inspections. NAAs of European States have an obligation under EU Part ARO.RAMP to perform Ramp Inspections: SAFA inspections (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) on foreign operators and SACA inspections (Safety Assessment of Community Aircraft) on EU/EASA operators.

All NAAs of the ICAO Contracting States have an obligation to assess foreign operator safety. ICAO Annex 6  requires a ‘Foreign Operators Surveillance’ (FOS) program, which is based on the core elements of the SAFA program.

Ramp Inspection Training Organization (RITO) Approval

In order to be allowed to deliver Ramp Inspection (RI) training to inspectors of EASA Member States’ National Aviation Authorities (NAAs), EASA Ramp Inspection Training Organization (RITO) approval is required.

Ciconia was awarded their RITO approval end of March 2015.  The approval certificate document can be found here: 2015-23603 Ciconia Certificate NL-RITO 401-3. The approval certificate was transferred  from SGI Aviation, which held the initial approval.

Ciconia’s EASA RITO approval allows States, engaged in the EU Ramp Inspection program (EASA Member States, ECAC States and RI Partnering States), to have their staff trained by Ciconia in the field of Ramp Inspections. This covers training related to Ramp Inspections of European airlines (SACA program) and Ramp Inspections of third country airlines (SAFA program).

Unless a NAA has specific wishes, requirements or national policies, the NAA can accept Ciconia as RITO without further approval activities, based upon the EASA RITO approval of Ciconia.

Applicable RITO regulations

The applicable regulations related to the approval of the RITO are the following:

ARO.RAMP.120 Approval of training organizations:

  • The competent authority shall approve a training organization, having its principal place of business in the territory of the respective Member State, when satisfied that the training organization:
    • has nominated a head of training possessing sound managerial capability to ensure that the training provided is in compliance with the applicable requirements;
    • has available training facilities and instructional equipment suitable for the type of training provided;
    • provides training in accordance with the syllabi developed by the Agency in accordance with ARO.RAMP.115(d);
    • uses qualified training instructors.
  • If so requested by the competent authority, the verification of compliance and continuous compliance with the requirements referred to in (a) shall be performed by the Agency.
  • The training organization shall be approved to provide one or more of the following types of training:
    • initial theoretical training;
    • initial practical training;
    • recurrent training.

(source: EASA)

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