English for the Aviation Industry

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Course content

This course is aimed at improving both written and spoken English, with an emphasis on spoken English. Participants will use role play to practice, concentrating particularly on the communication between the Inspector and Flight Crew. This will improve the participants’ knowledge of general as well as professional vocabulary. Authentic and realistic case studies will be used as practice material. Some presentations may be recorded on video for discussion with the participants.

Reading and writing skills shall be practiced on the basis of relevant authentic material i.e. Ramp Inspection procedures.
Furthermore, the course will review key areas of grammar, and participants will be familiarized with polite forms of expression in international professional communication. There will be a special focus on pronunciation and intonation. The participants will have the opportunity to practice their grammar and pronunciation with the help of computer programs.

Course objective

To enhance the English and Communication skills of the inspectors (pronunciation, vocabulary, proficiency, reporting, writing), thereby enabling a more effective execution of their inspection tasks.

Course benefits

Upon conclusion of the training course, the participants will be able to carry out their inspection tasks in English, and communicate with foreign Flight Crews more easily and with confidence. They will be able to write reports about their findings, write e-mail messages and respond to telephone enquiries in acceptable, idiomatic English.

Course delivery

Group Size

Maximum of 12 trainees taught by 2 instructors.


The training course will conclude with an individual verbal exam consisting of a short conversation about a job-related subject, work-related assignments and a role play to assess the participant’s English communication skills.

Target audience

Authority Inspectors engaged in aircraft inspections whereby a large part of the communication is performed in English and frequent interaction with the crew of the inspected aircraft is anticipated.


Prior to the course, an initial verbal test will take place in order to get an insight in the proficiency level of the participants’ English. The minimum level required for participating in the course is Pre-Operational/Operational Level (level 3) according to the ICAO Rating Scale.


Time: 5 days
Course fee: on request.

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