Regulations for Aviation Authorities

The National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) of all ICAO Contracting States are obligated to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive set of regulations. Compliance with these regulations is in turn a prerequisite to engage in (international) aviation activities.

Drafting regulations

When drafting regulations, States may choose to do a full in-house national development, do a joint undertaking with other States in the region, or adopt the regulations of another (major) jurisdiction.

These regulations should be:

  • effective
  • accessible
  • compliant with ICAO SARPs
  • up-to-date
  • straightforward to comply with
  • enforceable
  • understandable

Expert regulatory support for your organization

Ciconia supports States in the drafting of new regulations, conducts assessments of existing regulations/legislation and assists with implementation. Ciconia has a proven track record, experience and expertise in ICAO regulations, EU/EASA regulations and UK Overseas Territories/Crown Dependencies regulations (OTARs).

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In the field of regulations, Ciconia offers training services, advisory services, and managed services.  Have a look at our services pages or contact us today to find out what Ciconia can do for your organization.

Regulatory Consultancy and Training