Advisory Services

Ciconia Advisory Services

Ciconia offers a range of advisory services to States, NAAs, airlines, and related organizations.

Quality advice for maximum impact

Aside from expertise, we believe many elements contribute to ensuring the success of your project. Independence, a sound understanding of best practices, an excellent network of other experts and stakeholders, and many years of experience are all crucial. Ciconia offers all of these elements. In addition, our strong cross-cultural skills allow us to cooperate with people of different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, organizations etc. That way, our advisory services will help you maximize the impact of your project.

Fields of expertise

Examples of advisory services we offer are:

  • Blacklist support: States and airlines may be subject to inclusion on the EU Safety List (the so called blacklist) prohibiting them from operating into Europe. Ciconia advises States and airlines on the most effective way to reach compliance, as well as how to streamline the communication process with the European Commission, with the aim to recommence operation into Europe.
  • FOS programs: All ICAO Contracting States have an obligation to implement a Foreign Operator Safety (FOS) program, similar to the European Ramp Inspection (SAFA & SACA) program. Ciconia advises on all aspects of the development, implementation and maintenance of such a program.
  • Regulations: Advice on a regulatory framework for compliance and accuracy, support for the drafting of new regulations, assessment of existing regulations/legislation, and implementation support.
  • Audit pre-assessment: States and organizations are subject to many audits by regulators, customers etc. Ciconia offers an independent pre-assessment, giving you a realistic and objective view of the level of compliance and readiness of your organization.
  • Aircraft registries: States may wish to develop an offshore aircraft registry and/or consider setting up a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) for the purpose. Ciconia offers very relevant experience and expertise in this field.

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