The team

Wim Ovaa – Director

As its founder, Wim is responsible for the overall management and growth of Ciconia Aviation. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Wim’s professional career started in the Product Support department at Airbus. After working for the Dutch NAA, he became SAFA program coordinator at the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). He successfully transferred this program (now called EU Ramp Inspection program) to EASA. Subsequently, for SGI Aviation, Wim developed a consultancy and training business in the field of aviation safety regulations, mainly working for NAAs. In his spare time Wim enjoys aviation in all its forms, building new business, meeting new people, maintaining business relationships, and driving his old English sports car.

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The team

As a business associate Tom Llewellyn has an active role in the expansion of the Ciconia organization.

Tom started his career in continued airworthiness as a British Airways engineering apprentice, which led him to becoming a Concorde certifying engineer. He moved on to a VIP operation in the Middle East as a Licensed Engineer. Subsequently joining UKCAA as an Airworthiness Surveyor, originally in the Gatwick Regional Office following which he was seconded to the Hong Kong CAD, he then the joined JAA, responsible for maintenance standardisation. On his return to the UK he held various senior positions in the UKCAA before joining ASSI as the Chief Operating officer.
Tom has undertaken a wide range of technical, regulatory, aviation safety management and, managerial training. Allowing to specialise in a wide range of safety activities such as: Performance Based Oversight; Safety Management Support; Compliance Management; Safety Culture; Operational Readiness Assessments & Maintenance Programme Development.

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In addition, Ciconia’s team includes NAA inspectors, instructors, consultants, and other aviation professionals. More details about the other team members will be added soon.

Our partners

Ciconia works together with a number of aviation partners. A comprehensive overview of our partners will be listed here soon.

Regulatory Consultancy and Training