Flight Operations training course for RI inspectors – 8-9 January 2019

On 8 & 9 January 2019 (Tuesday – Wednesday) Ciconia Aviation will offer a Flight Operations training course for RI (SAFA/SACA) inspectors.
The overall objective of the training course is to improve the Inspector’s familiarization with the requirements of the SAFA/SACA programme regarding the inspection items A13 (Flight Preparation) and A14 (Mass & Balance Calculation), with a view to enhancing their ability to assess the documents associated with the topics as presented by flight crew in the short time available during a turnaround, and in the close confines of the cockpit area.
This 2 day course gives participants insight into the flight preparation activities pilots typically carry out during turnaround. The classroom training is combined with a role play exercise in a flight simulator with an experienced pilot in the captain’s seat. This provides a unique opportunity for the inspectors to further improve their crew interaction skills as well as to bring the knowledge gained in the classroom into practice.
In case of interest you are kindly invited to contact Ciconia Aviation at info@ciconia-aviation.com