Unique helicopter training

Recently a successful training has been delivered on Helicopter Operations. The attendees from a NAA and industry traveled to northern Italy where it was organized.

The training was provided in cooperation with Mr. Emanuele Ghiroldi of iFly and consisted of 2 days theoretical classroom training and 1 day was dedicated to practical training.

The two days classroom training included familiarization with helicopter aerodynamics and components as well as operations according to EU CR 965/2012.

Unique was the practical training, that included a visit to a helicopter operator and a helicopter  AMO/CAMO facility. It allowed in-depth witnessing of different helicopter models undergoing base maintenance.

The training course has been found rewarding for inspectors engaged in helicopter AOC issuance/oversight and helicopter Ramp Inspections. Therefore additional training courses will be offered in 2016.

helicopter training