Ramp Inspection Quality Review of UK based airline

Recently an UK based airline, asked Ciconia to perform an independent audit of their operations for SAFA/Ramp Inspection compliance. During a few days an experienced Ciconia inspector/instructor worked with senior staff of the airline.

The service package consisted of several elements:

  • Review and advice on SAFA findings previously reported to the airline;
  • Advice on the corrective and preventive actions carried out by the airline;
  • Provide information to various department managers how to act upon and communicate on reported SAFA findings;
  • Also several aircraft of the airline’s fleet were inspected for compliance with ICAO (SAFA) or EU/EASA Standards (SACA).

The independent quality review has been appreciated by the airline as it contributes to the prevention of future SAFA/Ramp Inspection findings and it supported the airline’s ambition to have a lower SAFA/Ramp Inspection ratio.