MEL training course

On 3 and 4 October 2022 we are offering a training course about the Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is an operational document that pilots must consult prior to flight to determine whether or not inoperative equipment affects the airworthiness of the aircraft and the operational regulations for the intended flight.

Compiling a Minimum Equipment List is an Air Operator’s task and requires detailed knowledge of: •MEL philosophy; •MEL regulations; •MEL sources; •Aircraft configuration; •Operator’s policies and procedures.

This training course educates the participants on the MEL philosophy, MEL regulations and MEL sources and explains how to ensure that aircraft configuration and the operator’s procedures are properly reflected in a MEL.

The training course will provide valuable information both to airline industry participants as well as NAA participants.

For the National Aviation Authority (NAA) Flight Operations and Airworthiness Inspectors, it specifically focusses on the role how to approve the MEL and how this effectively can be done. The proper ‘customization’ of the MEL by the airline to meet the operational and regulatory requirements, will be reviewed as this is to be particularly assesses and approved by the NAA Flight Operations and Airworthiness Inspectors.

The fee per person is Euro 1400. Feel free to contact us at