Ramp Inspection (SAFA) Recurrent and Practical Training Course (24-25 Sept. 2018)

Before the end of 2018 some significant changes will be implemented in the European Ramp Inspection/Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) programme. These changes will be presented in the SAFA Recurrent Training Course of 24-25 September 2018. This course will be completed with a Practical training on an aircraft in a hangar on Tuesday (25 Sept.) afternoon. In case you are interested to participate in this training at Schiphol airport, the Netherlands, please contact us at info@ciconia-aviation.com.


Flight Operations training course for RI inspectors – Q4 2018

In October or November 2018 Ciconia Aviation will offer a Flight Operations training course for RI (SAFA/SACA) inspectors.

The overall objective of the training course is to improve the Inspector’s familiarization with the requirements of the SAFA/SACA programme regarding the inspection items A13 (Flight Preparation) and A14 (Mass & Balance Calculation), with a view to enhancing their ability to assess the documents associated with the topics as presented by flight crew in the short time available during a turnaround, and in the close confines of the cockpit area.

This 2 day course gives participants insight into the flight preparation activities pilots typically carry out during turnaround. The two days are in a classroom environment.
Optionally, on the third day, 30-minute role play exercises can be held in a flight simulator with an experienced pilot in the captain’s seat. This provides a unique opportunity for the inspectors to further improve their crew interaction skills as well as to bring the knowledge gained in the classroom into practice.

In case of interest you are kindly invited to contact Ciconia Aviation at info@ciconia-aviation.com

Unique CIS-built Aircraft Philosophy Training Course

From 25 until 27 June 2018 an unique training course has taken place in Kyiv, Ukraine. In two classroom days the main differences between CIS-built (e.g. AN, IL, TU, Yak) and Western types (Airbus & Boeing) were being addressed. Three senior experts addressed the issue from the perspective of:
• Initial Airworthiness/Type Certification;
• Continuing Airworthiness/Maintenance;
• Operations;
• SAFA/Ramp Inspection compliance.

On the 3rd day Antonov Airlines kindly hosted the practical training at Gostomel Airport (GML/UKKM). An in-depth practical training was done on an Antonov AN-124-100 aircraft.
Attendees have gained an in depth understanding how these CIS built aircraft were designed, manufactured, operated and maintained and in which aspects their philosophy was/is different from Western A/C types. The possibility to review all operational and technical details of the AN-124-100 aircraft has been highly valued by the participants.

It is foreseen that additional courses will be organised at the end of 2018 & early 2019.

International Regulations Workshop

From 12 until 15 February 2018 this workshop was organized in Moscow, Russia.
It addressed:

  • an update on the EU/EASA regulations;
  • details on the OTARs as issued by Bermuda CAA and applicable to Bermuda registered aircraft operated in Russia;
  • the principles of ICAO 83bis arrangements, the coordination of responsibilities between the State of Operator and State of Registry.

The workshop was organised within the DASR (Dutch Aviation Solutions Russia) framework. It was also the start of a successful cooperation between Moscow based Training Center “Aviator” and Ciconia Aviation.

Mr. Tom Llewellyn, former Chief Operating Officer of ASSI (the organisation responsible for developing, publishing and maintaining the OTARs) and business partner of Ciconia Aviation, closely worked together with Aviator instructors to make this workshop a success. Attendees from various Russian airlines appreciated the extensive knowledge shared with them about the background of OTAR regulations and the issues related to an effective implementation, particularly in the environment of ICAO Article 83bis.

Further training courses, offered under the Aviator/DASR/Ciconia Aviation cooperation, are scheduled for 2018.

Ramp Inspection Quality Review of UK based airline

Recently an UK based airline, asked Ciconia to perform an independent audit of their operations for SAFA/Ramp Inspection compliance. During a few days an experienced Ciconia inspector/instructor worked with senior staff of the airline.

The service package consisted of several elements:

  • Review and advice on SAFA findings previously reported to the airline;
  • Advice on the corrective and preventive actions carried out by the airline;
  • Provide information to various department managers how to act upon and communicate on reported SAFA findings;
  • Also several aircraft of the airline’s fleet were inspected for compliance with ICAO (SAFA) or EU/EASA Standards (SACA).

The independent quality review has been appreciated by the airline as it contributes to the prevention of future SAFA/Ramp Inspection findings and it supported the airline’s ambition to have a lower SAFA/Ramp Inspection ratio.


Recently Ciconia Aviation Services performed again an English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment of a SAFA/SACA Ramp Inspector. Language proficiency was verified in accordance with the ICAO rating scale.

The communication between the two language assessors and the inspector was effectively done by means of a video conference.

EASA Guidance Material (GM1 ARO.RAMP.115(b)(1)) related to Qualification of ramp inspectors requires the inspectors to be proficient in the English language.

new set-up of Ramp Inspection practical training

End of January the Ramp Inspection Practical training was offered in a new set-up. Instead of 1 day, the Practical Training was offered over a 2 day period. This allowed access to 2 different wide-body aircraft types. Trainees also appreciated that theoretical lessons learned could immediately be put into practice. It is foreseen that this new approach will also be offered on other Ramp Inspection Initial Theoretical & Practical Training Courses, scheduled for later this year.

Auditing Techniques for new customer

Early November an auditing techniques training course was organised for a new customer of Ciconia Aviation. The combination of theoretical and practical elements and the various role plays were very much appreciated by the attendees. Also contributed by the fact that the trainees from different organizational domains (Airworthiness,  aerodromes, ATM) of this Middle East based National Aviation Authority successfully worked together in the various exercises.

Group photo


Unique helicopter training

Recently a successful training has been delivered on Helicopter Operations. The attendees from a NAA and industry traveled to northern Italy where it was organized.

The training was provided in cooperation with Mr. Emanuele Ghiroldi of iFly and consisted of 2 days theoretical classroom training and 1 day was dedicated to practical training.

The two days classroom training included familiarization with helicopter aerodynamics and components as well as operations according to EU CR 965/2012.

Unique was the practical training, that included a visit to a helicopter operator and a helicopter  AMO/CAMO facility. It allowed in-depth witnessing of different helicopter models undergoing base maintenance.

The training course has been found rewarding for inspectors engaged in helicopter AOC issuance/oversight and helicopter Ramp Inspections. Therefore additional training courses will be offered in 2016.

helicopter training

Successful English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment of Ramp Inspectors

Mid October Ciconia Aviation Services successfully performed an English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment of SAFA/SACA Inspectors of a major European NAA. One assessment of an inspector not based in the HQ, was done by means of a video conference.  Based upon the assessment performed by the 2 language assessors, the NAA was able to issue the ELP certificates before the EASA due date of 28 October 2015.

Regulatory Consultancy and Training